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Target Mapping


In today’s dynamic business landscape, it is often recognized that a successful organization may owe its competitive strengths and achievement of Mission and Goals to successful teams. These teams may be in Business development and Marketing, Finance and Accounts or Research and Development. To take a hypothetical example, a company’s R&D team may be bifurcated into two divisions; in order to align to the stated goals of Market Leadership or Innovation.

What would therefore determine the success of the reorganization? Would it be new structures ground up, or the hiring of talent that can achieve the stated goals? This is where Target Mapping comes into play. Using a structured and data-based approach, companies can actually map and document the contours of a successful department within an organization. Target mapping helps investigate and understand choices of top-level leadership, benchmarking and even talent pipelining and succession that can determine a sustainable formula for success.

With our ‘Target Mapping’ services we help you access the specific talent insights which you are looking for; in your competitor’s specific department, business/product line or Level. Our structured data approach ensures that the organization has no downtime. With our intelligence insights into mapping, we give our client a strategic perspective to hiring for leadership. We understand the demands that hiring for top talent puts on an organization’s leadership; in terms of time, costs and focus; leveraging our Target Mapping Service makes your search efficient, intelligent and timely.


Instant direct access to CXO candidates

Specific talent intelligence inputs

Drastically reduces time-opportunity Cost

Generates specific leadership profiles

Dovetails instantly with your Search


Specific Insights

Get targeted talent understanding and people intelligence of your competitor organizations for business excellence & edge

Quick TAT

Skip the detailed 'Talent Mapping' process with targeted goal driven mapping which drastically cuts the turnaround time & cost

Direct Access

Names, job titles, employment history, location, education, direct contact details, team size & business volumes handled

Real Time

A real-time view of available talent-pool landscape making your leadership hiring proactive rather than reactive

Project Report

A comprehensive report presentation that can be used by your in-house talent acquisition & retention team


Opportunity Cost- Specific talent insight helps access your competitors better into creation & nurturing of successful teams and leads to reduction of opportunity cost

Realistic Preview- Obtains a thorough understanding of talent pool availability with targeted data points and reduces the ambiguity

Targeted Choices- Drastically eliminates the risks associated with hiring from uninformed choices i.e. hiring only high performers

Proactive Decision- Reduces leadership attrition rates by making your leadership hiring decisions proactive rather than reactive


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