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Board Search & Mapping


A robust company requires a board that stands behind its CEO or MD, providing oversight, perspectives on corporate strategy and planning, as well as anticipating risks and tapping emerging opportunities. Board members with global exposure to various economies/emerging markets, cross-functional and culturally diverse teams can give the organization the heft to take on competition; creating value for customers, investors, employees and stakeholders.

It isn’t easy, however, to identify the board members equipped with capabilities that can make a company future-ready. These capabilities include understanding competition scenarios, handling corporate governance, creating diverse teams and increasingly, nowadays, handling data security and compliances. Locating candidates in different geographies and assessing their fit to a company is daunting and time consuming and the outcome is not always guaranteed. But a board comprising the right talent and aligned to long term vision, enables the top man - CEO or MD - to communicate decisions to shareholders, take the tough decisions that matter and take the organization on the fast-growth trajectory.

Our Board & Succession mapping service understands how your organization needs to be structured, to be future-ready; in comparison to your immediate competitors, or the Unicorn which you are inspiring to build. Our Board Mapping Service enables you to expand your search/reach in a data-driven and structured manner; so you get candidates with the right exposure – global as well as local – in the domain in which your organization operates. A capable board is a strategic navigator, providing leadership and guidance and ensuring that your business remains unscathed by transition or external factors.

Our specialized talent inventory service is a time-bound project contract, in which we identify & map board-level talent aligned to your organization’s requirements. Your organization benefits from a real-time view of Executives, whenever it gives you a structured and reliable research report & data point to make an informed Board appointment.


Broadened & diversified coverage

360° preview of appointments

Industry based executive profiling

Dovetails instantly with your Search

Reduces talent exit response time


Research Approach

Previews every potential candidate for your Board hiring - that may be away from conventional head-hunters

Real Time

We generate real time and accurate profiles based on thorough research to make sourcing accurate

Comprehensive Search

A list of board-level talent available in your industry/sector/co. of your choice- Your AIM our TARGET

360° Preview

Mapping research & vetting enables you to have a 360° view of potential executives to make a precise choice

Bespoke Report

A comprehensive and accurate report which works seamlessly with your search & selection process


Targeted Choices- Drastically eliminates the risks associated with board appointment from uninformed choices i.e. hiring only high performers

Impartiality In Appointment- Empowers board selection process with performance-based profiling; increasing transparency and fairness

Realistic Preview- Obtains a thorough understanding of diverse pool availability with primary data points and reduces the ambiguity

Broadened Choices- Drastically eliminates the risk associated with hiring from limited choices i.e. cherry picking best of best


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