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‘insiders’ - Org. Structure

Case Study

Engineering Team Structure & Talent Mapping of World’s leading e-wallet platform

  • Industry
    Internet Technology
  • Co. Employee strength (global)
  • Level
    Across Levels
  • Year of Execution
    2020 (pre-COVID)
  • Research Type
    Target Mapping & Org. Chart
  • Timeline
    20 Working days

Client information

A leading Internet Technology Co. (Top 10 globally) with over 1 billion accumulated users across platforms & product availability in 140+ markets. With offices in 125+ cities and 15 research and development centres around the globe; it has a man-power of over 55,000+ employees. Dedicated to building global platforms of creation and interaction; the Co. operates a range of content platforms that inform, educate, entertain & inspire people across languages, cultures & geographies. Its core strength and driver of growth has been its Research & Development division; which continuously aims to help users explore and discover the world's creativity, knowledge and moments that matter in everyday life.

“Company was looking to setup one of the largest R&D centres in India and wanted to understand how global Tech giants have structured their engineering team in the regions, specifically in e-wallet space.”


Limited factual information availability on the existing “Product Engineering Team” talent landscape in the region. The ultra-niche and high confidentiality profile of core engineering team members made it really difficult to get a realistic understanding.

Very limited direct access to precise & top talent within product engineering & service team of the targeted e-wallet Co. across all band levels with details on project experience, Tech. skillset & educational background (specifically Tier I & Rank-holders).

Obtaining a realistic understanding of the Engineering Team Organization chart, Reporting structure, and Job band level across Technical, Product Management, Engineering Management & Product Servicing teams.

100 %+
Job Band Level
95 %+
Org. Chart Accuracy
98 %+
Data Completion
90 %+
Direct Contact Details

What Did We Do

‘insiders’ worked closely with the APAC Talent Acquisition team to ascertain the exact need. Established a dedicated in-house team to conceptualise and strategize an approach to identify, map & draw the exact Organization Chart.

Based on purposive & target sampling, ‘insiders’ conducted an intelligence search & survey study to identify top performing engineering talent in the target e-wallet Co. across levels and their exact team size.

Based on major primary level interactions with the target talent pool, ‘insiders’ identified & re-validated the exact Job band level (100% accuracy) and Organization Chart (95%+ accuracy) across Technical, Product, Engineering & Servicing teams.

90%+ of data provided from primary sources with verified contact details, team size, reporting structure with an avg. data accuracy of 85%+ [implemented end-to-end in 20 working days].

What Did We Achieve

  • Data Provided

    • Exact Job band level (100% accuracy) across Technical team, Product Management, Engineering Management & Product Servicing teams, spread across 2 location splits.
    • Precise mapping & drawing of Organization Structure with exact reporting structure (direct & dotted) of each job band level.
    • Name, Designation, Department/Team, Years of Experience, Current location, Team Size (tentative), Educational background, Mobile No. and email id.
    • Career Timeline & Team profiles/structure of preferred candidates.
  • Benefits To Customer

    • 'insiders' enabled its client to give a realistic and primary insight on the Organization Structure, Reporting, Job band level and Profiling of the Engineering Team in the region.
    • Direct access to selected sample project/team lead executives for future business/hire references, with direct contact numbers & email ids.
    • Understood the realistic trends, attraction & challenges of niche technical talent hiring in the target geography at almost 60% less cost & time.
    • 'insiders' report, statistical summary & Org. Chart helped the client to define a clear team structure, hierarchy, team size etc. for improved collaboration, communication, information flow and responsiveness of teams.