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Talent Pipeline


When an organization hires for the C-Suite, it helps to have, well in advance, a sense of the hiring decisions that will be made. These decisions impact strategic planning and implementation. So a lot is at stake when an organization creates leadership talent. Having a talent pipeline also impacts an organization’s brand perception and market position.

It is, therefore, imperative that the organization approaches the top-level hiring decision by mapping the talent available in real time. Moreover, doing this in a structured manner; using accurate and reliable data, will enable the organization to identify and make the right hire.

Our Talent Pipelining service gives customers a strategic perspective to hiring for the organization’s leadership. It takes away the uncertainty and the waiting, enabling an organization to identify and fill up executive level positions with the best leadership talent available; wherever it may be located. Our service has been built on years of experience and insights; so we fully understand the demands that talent pipelining puts on an organization’s leadership - time and focus - and we make your talent search efficient.

Talent Pipelining service is a dedicated resource monthly contract in which we continuously map and track talent for your organization’s requirements and partner your in-house recruiter to address the challenges & sourcing dynamics of recruitment on a day-to-day basis. By leveraging our Talent Pipelining service, an organization can make its search for leadership talent comprehensive and cost-effective. Your organization benefits from a real-time view of available talent across several geographies and industry sectors. Our service will enable you to align your search to the best talent available in the sector in which you operate; so your organization gets a top quality talent pool to choose from.


Empowers your in-house recruiters with an expert

Reduces Talent Exit response time by almost 70%

Real-time insight to your competitors’ talent

Reduces risk of hiring from limited choices

Continual external talent engagement


Daily Collaboration

Time bound talent identification with intelligence & data input to give an in-depth understanding of external talent

Expert Partnership

Our expert researcher works directly with your internal talent acquisition team to ensure a flawless last mile delivery

Direct Access

Names, job titles, employment history, location, education-qualification and direct contact details

Real Time

A real-time view of available talent-pool landscape makes your leadership hiring proactive rather than reactive

Weekly Review

A comprehensive, accurate and brainstorming weekly review & report presentation of the work-in-progress


Tap the Untapped- Locating the untapped talent pools across sectors & geographies which might be missed by conventional recruitment methods

Realistic Preview- Obtains a thorough understanding of talent pool availability with primary data points and reduces the ambiguity

Varied Choices- Drastically eliminates the Risks associated with hiring from limited choices i.e. cherry picking best of best

Proactive Decision- Continual external talent engagement gives access to ready to hire talent and proactive response to any critical exit.


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