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Skills that worked a decade ago are not the same that are needed today or a decade from now. Smart, future ready leaders, who understand market dynamics and can think strategically and act decisively; are critical to find, attract and retain.

Industrial growth and energy growth are powered by raw materials extracted from the earth. Mining activities have been traditionally labour intensive; but extraction technologies have changed and on the management side, compliance and governance issues occupy center-stage now. This has created the need for new leadership and organizational structures, and the formulation of rules of engagement with customers and local communities that only visionary leadership can spearhead. The business of mining and metallurgy has moved from just being technology management to nurturing sustainable relationships with several stakeholders; including local government authorities and NGOs. Moreover, today’s leadership needs to understand the risks associated with the industry, both country and global. Today’s mining companies need a new formula for leadership, one that understands the interface between materials, machines, men and the environment.

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As metallurgy and mining transition into the modern era, the industry needs leaders who understand the need for soft skills in dealing with increasingly vocal stakeholders like NGOs and local communities. Mining companies need a C suite that can navigate the demands of Fast Changing technology as well as people leadership.

Mining requires increasingly scarce talent especially in project management that may be available across multiple geographies. Identifying and nurturing this multi geography leadership talent isn’t easy. Attracting this widely spread talent requires research-based data-oriented approach and specialised experts.

Mining brings together diverse workforces which can be efficiently managed with forward-thinking leadership. Today’s leadership must be capable of understanding the challenges of working with employees who come from varied business and cultural backgrounds. To attract & retain such talent ahead of their actual deployment is a daunting task.

Fast Changing Technology - Innovations are revolutionizing the way mines operate and deliver. Semi-autonomous Robotics equipment is improving mining productivity with reduced cost & human risk. Hence, demand for leadership with New Tech dynamics understanding is increasing: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Automation, Robotics, IoT and Modern data architecture.

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