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Internetization now enables companies that started small, and in one geographical location; to nurture ambitions to join the big league - expanding into new markets and wider product portfolios. Many organizations consider the M&A route to a larger footprint; as this can give them new customers, products, and access to new markets. However, pursuing a sustainable growth strategy isn't easy; without the right blend that can strategize, plan and lead. This requires visionary leadership that can assess current and future opportunities and align the company's future growth towards that vision. In addition, an organization requires leadership that understands the risks and competitor strategies and can spearhead a company's entry into new areas. It requires leadership capable of strategizing for not only the short-term stability but also implementation of a long-term vision.

Hiring for expansion and growth requires staffing the CXO with the right credentials. This talent may be anywhere in the world; but it is critical for an organization to be able to locate and hire such talent. This is important for corporate brand perception; as well as meeting the investor and stakeholder expectations. Companies also need to re-look at existing compensation and rewards structures; in order to attract new talent, to implement their vision and mission. With the right talent at the helm, organizations can pursue their ambitions to scale up and expand.

Whether you are a Large Corporate or a Fortune 500 Conglomerate Executive; hiring is always a critical, time consuming and a very expensive process. "insiders" is a true alternative to Recruitment Consultants charging a high percentage fee for recruitment. We have a very flexible Research approach at multiple stages of the Executive Hiring process. So, whether your organization tends to hire now or in the future; our innovative product offering not only reduces your Executive Hiring cost by almost 70%, but also keeps you plugged with the Fresh Talent pool to build your future Management Board.

How 'insiders' assisted a leading APAC Fintech Company to retain its existing CEO

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Exterminating competition has led to continuous expansion mode; causing continual salary & rewards structures revision, to attract and retain the best leadership. This can only be done by benchmarking statistics based on precise and credible data-points; which aren’t easy to access & obtain, hence relying on generic paid industry reports & studies is not yielding the required result.

Organizational growth requires leadership that understands a changed business landscape - multi-locational and culturally diverse – and even a dramatic increase in employee strength. An expanding business requires intelligence & insights to get a deeper insight into competitors’ talent composition; in order to differentiate & create leadership inventories that understand how an organization must prepare itself for a bigger play and yet ensure that business continuity is maintained.

Internal leadership succession planning has its own limitations; given the complexity of global businesses - talent capable of handing over to a new leadership isn't always easy to identify & fill internally. Hence the demand for an external ready leadership pool and pipeline is increasing; to ensure that business continuity is not impacted along with a flawless transition.

Technology innovations are revolutionizing the way Companies operate & deliver. Semi-autonomous Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Big Data , IoT & architecture have led to an increasing demand of leadership with a New Tech dynamics understanding - a C suite leadership that can identify skill gaps and nurture talent for the future.

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Talent Mapping

Realistic talent preview to re-define sense of your Hiring decision even before the full-fledged Search starts

Talent Inventory

A proactive approach to build your external succession plan - ready pool to avoid leadership transition gap

Talent Pipeline

Monthly contract service to empower in-house recruiters by keeping a pro-active flow of precise shortlists

Benchmarking Insights

Real-time data sense to salaries, structure and specific data points rather than depending on generic reports

Target Mapping

Realistic in-depth insight of competitor’s talent pool- bespoke specific insights of targeted business functions

Executive Search

Data & Research driven Hiring for maximum talent coverage- a detailed Research based approach to Search

Diversity Inclusion

Focus driven mapping research to unlock the power & potential of all talent; to achieve specific diversity goals

Mapping Board Search

Specialized time bound targeted mapping service- a research based approach to Board Search and Selection

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