The global technology market is growing at a fast pace; changing and impacting, as well as being the driving force of all industries across sectors. Fuelled with data, IT/ITES is becoming the competitive weapon for every enterprise. Today, the IT/ITES sector has an utmost global dimension; from back-end infrastructure to search engines, big data and Start-Ups. IT & ITES is the world's most influential vertical, influencing processes from manufacturing to benchmarking, training, products and solutions - its worldwide reach ensures that its leadership is always in the global spotlight.

IT hiring is a global phenomenon, and the best talent is multi-locational and comes from diverse backgrounds. A survey suggests that today's IT industry lacks skill sets in data, information management and analytics. It is a challenge that no C suite can wish away, and will have to be a No 1 priority for the organization to be successful. Salaries and rewards have to attract and retain the best leadership talent. The IT sector needs to identify and hire leadership conversant with the rapid pace of technological change. Such changes may even require new organizational structures. From a technical perspective, key issues that leadership has to handle include database management, cloud computing and cybersecurity, the last posing the biggest threat to a company's reputation and the ability to hire the best talent. Companies must therefore hire talent that understands the global challenges and opportunities of IT.

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IT is global & local and therefore, managing global teams 24/7 requires a C-suite that has the exposure and capability to handle diverse teams. Such leadership is spread across geographies and to identify & locate such talent ahead of their actual deployment is daunting and studies suggest that there's going to be a huge demand-supply gap for these talents

Periodic upgrade of NewTech across sectors & geographies has made Attrition & Attraction management in the IT sector a major global challenge irrespective of Level & Skills. Less focus on training & career development can lose crucial talent to competitors; hence building talent inventories is always crucial & critical, to ensure that business is not impacted.

Data Security & Fraud - understanding Cyber fraud and its implications may be a hallmark of today's IT leadership across geographies. Cyber Fraud can cause the mislaying of critical data, and therefore, CISO leadership can't afford not to understand the risks and implications. Ability to hire this sort of talent is tough; as traditional hiring tools don’t suffice for these niche needs.

The continuous upgrading of skills makes salary & rewards a major parameter of retention & attraction. Periodic upgrade of NewTech across sectors & geographies has made competition & hunt scarce; hence requiring companies to use global benchmarking for compensation and reward structures, in order to retain and nurture talent.

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Data & Research driven Hiring for maximum talent coverage- a detailed Research based approach to Search

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