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Investment banking and Private Equity are grappling with a variety of new developments. As a result of changing customer preferences, cost pressures, regulatory issues and digitization, these organizations are facing a host of new challenges in a rapidly changing business environment; as banks are looking beyond their own four walls, to accelerate the creation of new capabilities. From developed financial markets to the developing markets in Asia-Pacific, the scope of investment banking has expanded beyond the traditional services, and includes advisory roles; from taking a company public or raising capital, to new financial instruments. Today, Simplification, Digital and Innovation are 3 key elements to Customer Delight, Economical Fee, Improved Margin and Revenue Growth.

Over the last decade, PE players too have begun to wield a major influence on business, managing dynamic portfolios and influencing corporate strategy. In fact, investment banks and PEs now work closely in an ecosystem that includes principal investors, asset management firms, hedge funds and of late, fintech players. These changes in Investment Banking and PE have turned on the spotlight; on the need to hire the best C suite talent to lead the company, as well as be on the management board. Successful organizations will be those that hire the real deal maker candidates to manage an industry in transition both for the short term, and strategize for long-term changing market conditions.

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Investment banking requires real deal maker talent that is conversant with changes happening in traditional banking, Stock Market and Private Equity. Such talent is not easy to locate & access and requires an acumen and transaction/sector understanding to hire the right Talent which makes the entire Search really niche & tough

Investment Banking & Private Equity funds must attract and nurture talent pools equipped with the capabilities to manage change, automation and digitization; in order to understand and recommend the right fund raise instruments, to address companies’ financial & business expansion needs. And, such leadership is hard to locate and reach out to

Successful investment banking and Private Equity organizations must hire the right leadership talent that understands the challenges of change or transformation. This may include the need to create flexible organizational structures and even re-deploy existing talent to where the requirement is imperative.

By their very nature, Investment banking and Private Equity companies comprise diverse and multi-locational teams working around the clock. The C suite and leadership is therefore tasked with strategizing for the future, and preparing the organization for future risks and opportunities; while at the same time communicating a common vision to all employees.

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Talent Mapping

Realistic talent preview to re-define sense of your Hiring decision even before the full-fledged Search starts

Talent Inventory

A proactive approach to build your external succession plan - ready pool to avoid leadership transition gap

Talent Pipeline

Monthly contract service to empower in-house recruiters by keeping a pro-active flow of precise shortlists

Benchmarking Insights

Real-time data sense to salaries, structure and specific data points rather than depending on generic reports

Target Mapping

Realistic in-depth insight of competitor’s talent pool- bespoke specific insights of targeted business functions

Executive Search

Data & Research driven Hiring for maximum talent coverage- a detailed Research based approach to Search

Diversity Inclusion

Focus driven mapping research to unlock the power & potential of all talent; to achieve specific diversity goals

Mapping Board Search

Specialized time bound targeted mapping service- a research based approach to Board Search and Selection

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