Customer information

A prominent financial services group (Ranked in the Top 3 in the region) which is into institutional brokerage, merchant and investment banking, and has been in the business for 40+ years. With offices in 6+ International locations, the company has worked with leading companies across verticals and has been continuously rated among the Top 3 domestic Investment Bankers in the region for 15+ years. Its core revenue driver is its Advisory business led by top-notch market talent i.e. its employees are equipped with ultra-niche skills & qualifications. [Stock Exchange listed]

Company was continually losing its top deal makers to competitors; Business & Human Resources core teams had credible inputs of a major exodus of its key lead advisory bankers in six months

Industry : Investment Banking & Equity Markets
Co. Employee strength (global) : 1750+
Level : Across levels
Year of execution : 2019
Research Type : Talent Mapping & Pipelining
Timeline : 45 Working days

Customer Challenges

  • Direct access to precise & top performing talent & teams across all band levels with details on educational backgrounds (specifically Tier I & Rank-holders) in competitor companies.
  • Obtaining a realistic understanding of the Lead advisors & Team profiles across key competitors as well as accurate information on talent composition, sector coverage, compensation & bonus structures.
  • To avoid the major exodus in a short span of a few months by Proactive manpower planning; rather than a reactive post-exit and to implement it with utmost confidentiality for avoiding any internal dismay.

What Did We Do

‘insiders’ worked closely with the Co.’s Managing Director & President - HR to ascertain the exact requirements. Established a dedicated in-house team to conceptualise and strategise an approach to identify & map talent.

‘insiders’ ,based on purposive & target sampling, conducted an intelligence search to identify top-performing talent in competitor companies across levels and matched it precisely with internal job bands of client companies.

Interest-level validation of identified Top-performing & deal-making candidates and what would make them move to a new job, with their expectations of: Role, Designtion, Salary, Sector & Geographical preferences.

90%+ of data provided from primary sources with verified contact details, and data accuracy of 85%+ [implemented end-to-end in 45 working days]

Direct Contact

What Did We Achieve

Data Provided

  • 380+ Direct contact numbers. & 400+ direct email Ids of identified top performing talents with reporting structure in the targeted competitors’ companies.
  • Name, Designation, Years of Experience, Current location, Educational background, Sector expertise, Interest Level validation & Career Move Preferences.
  • Career Timeline, Deals Executed, Team structures & Tentative expectation of hike of preferred candidates
  • Data Summary with internal Job Band Matching along with all elements of compensation: base salary + variable pay + stock options (if any) + LY increment %

Benefits To Customer

  • Proactive manpower planning derived from factual data gathering enabled the customer to prevent the talent exodus completely
  • Completed the target mapping exercise in short span of 45 days which lead to quick targeted hiring, reducing the TAT by almost 50% and that too without any buzz and utmost confidentiality
  • ‘insiders’ enabled its customer to obtain a realistic market understanding of the competition scenario from a hiring & retention perspective enabling it to benchmark internal talent (wherever required)
  • ‘insiders’ comprehensive report & statistical summary, matched with the internal job band; served as a quick reference point to the customer, to cherry pick & arrive at top and actionable shortlists of top deal maker hires.