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We know what great leaders can do - the after effects, missteps and mismanagement that comes with poor leadership selection pushes a Company back at least by a decade and many times the situation is completely irrecoverable. Hence it's always a staggering process to find leaders who have the right blend of skills and experience to succeed, advance corporate strategy and fit in within the organizational culture. This is where specialised Executive Search & Headhunters add the utmost value to an organization i.e. by identifying & attracting these unique leaders, determining ideal organizational fit, and building appropriate frameworks for compensation and retention. An “Executive Search” firm of choice empowers its clients to drive lasting positive changes through leadership. Each search is bespoke to the specific objectives & dynamics of the client needs; to attract the talent that can realise the organization's full potential.

Companies generally seek to fill their recruiting funnel with as many candidates as possible; but this law of averages doesn't work for Leadership hiring. Hence, even for specialised Headhunters; filling a new executive role can be challenging. A recent study suggests that the majority of Executives who took a new job weren't searching for one but somebody hunted and got them. A leadership role is predominantly filled by Demand rather than Supply i.e. by “passive candidates”, who aren't looking to move but are made to move by “Executive Search” consultants.

Team "insiders" with a decade plus experience in International Executive Search understands what it takes to be an "Executive Search Firm" of choice. We offer a blend of professional, confidential and bespoke research service to our Executive Search clients across sectors and regions: India, Middle East & APAC. Our bespoke “Talent Research” solution goes beyond just finding the right candidate; giving your search mandates more depth of the target candidates’ list. Our extensive mapping research not only broadens your search, but also drastically reduces your monthly overheads. Our project driven model is a unique value proposition; which takes away your worry of hiring a full time researcher and you pay us only when you have a mandate to execute. Our Target Mapping is a bespoke solution; which involves full structure mapping of a Target Company, Sector or any specific area relating to a particular channel of business. It not only enriches your search reach but also defines your Future client. How about having a Mapping Report ready before pitching a Client in a completely New Sector or Geography. Target Mapping makes your business pitch "Not just a Service but also a Solution" to your Potential clients.

How 'insiders' assisted a leading NASDAQ listed Recruitment Co. in identifying 2400+ CEOs & CTOs

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Organizations know what Great Leaders can do; hence executive search firms are retained for their specialised reach, methodology & value add in leadership hiring. Traditional channels/tools of headhunting have become less of a value add for clients; hence a wider reach of candidates is required i.e. to look beyond: professional networks, communities, Job boards/adverts, social media and references; in order to find those rare hidden gems.


A 2019 Harvard Business Review (HBR) report concludes that 95% of hiring is done to fill existing positions. Hence Time-to-Fill/Turnaround Time (TTF/TAT) are today no exceptions even for “Leadership Hiring”; plus technological advances have fueled this edginess in employers. Striking Balance of quality candidates with speedy closure of hiring mandates; is a generic expectation from Headhunters.

Employers today have become more demanding, pushing back against concepts such as billable hours, and requiring fixed fees with greater transparency on costs. Digital technologies, rapidly shifting global geopolitical & economic situations affect “Leadership Hiring” decisions; hence being a repetitive cycle service, “Executive Search” people are looking for alternatives to lower their fixed cost.


Technological advances have changed the way hiring is done with interactive experiences, high candidate engagement & reachability. Employers are obsessed with new technologies and driving down costs; hence ignore the ultimate goal of perfect hire i.e. missing the forest for the trees. Hence it has become imperative for an “Executive Search” firm of choice to strike a right balance.

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Talent Mapping

Realistic talent preview to re-define sense of your Hiring decision even before the full-fledged Search starts

Talent Inventory

A proactive approach to build your external succession plan - ready pool to avoid leadership transition gap

Talent Pipeline

Monthly contract service to empower in-house recruiters by keeping a pro-active flow of precise shortlists

Benchmarking Insights

Real-time data sense to salaries, structure and specific data points rather than depending on generic reports

Target Mapping

Realistic in-depth insight of competitor’s talent pool- bespoke specific insights of targeted business functions

Executive Search

Data & Research driven Hiring for maximum talent coverage- a detailed Research based approach to Search

Diversity Inclusion

Focus driven mapping research to unlock the power & potential of all talent to achieve specific diversity goal

Mapping Board Search

Specialized time bound targeted mapping service- a research based approach to Board Search and Selection

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