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Big data. It is an industry buzzword that is transforming retail, insurance, telecom, housing and even industrial manufacturing as a result of process digitization. This is generating data points in their tens of millions that may have insights to help business strategize and be future-ready. The challenge is how to analyse this data, tease out trends, and use these insights to create either entirely new business models or tweak existing ones.

Hiring for leadership in data sciences is relatively new. Companies began hiring chief data officers - a new addition to the C-suite - as recently as 2015. Many of those hired come from a variety of backgrounds; from cloud computing to IT, even digital marketing. This makes hiring for the top analytics job not only difficult but akin to navigating in uncharted waters. One study has suggested that analytics can create new opportunities for business, and this requires forward-looking leadership which isn’t easy to locate.

A study by a US university suggests that 40 percent of companies struggle to hire data science talent. Big Data is the future, yet companies face major risks if they cannot hire senior leadership to make data work for them. Big data is no big deal if you get the right leadership talent.

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Enabling companies across the business spectrum to tease out actionable insights and making them work for the customer requires top leadership talent that understands the ways in which big data can be harnessed; to give customers insight and competitive edge. This requires leadership that draws on multi-disciplinary backgrounds; which isn’t easy to identify.

Data analytics is changing the way organizations must structure themselves, and so leadership has to grapple with these issues from day one itself- only capable leadership can make this happen. Data leaders have no prior guidance to doing so and must have the vision to create sustainable talent structures which not only retains but attracts new talents as well.

Data leadership has to handle specialized information in real time thus requiring forward looking CXOs of a different type that is adaptive with NewTech & Tools with Confidentiality. Identifying and attracting this top-level talent isn’t easy; it requires a structured & data-oriented approach in order to get the right leadership talent.


Hiring talent for data management isn’t easy as the competition is intense for scarce resources. CDAs come from diverse backgrounds -- computer analytics to engineering. Hiring leadership that is the right fit for the organization is daunting which involves leveraging confidential data’s not available publicly requiring experts to execute it.

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Talent Mapping

Realistic talent preview to re-define sense of your Hiring decision even before the full-fledged Search starts

Talent Inventory

A proactive approach to build your external succession plan - ready pool to avoid leadership transition gap

Talent Pipeline

Monthly contract service to empower in-house recruiters by keeping a pro-active flow of precise shortlists

Benchmarking Insights

Real-time data sense to salaries, structure and specific data points rather than depending on generic reports

Target Mapping

Realistic in-depth insight of competitor’s talent pool- bespoke specific insights of targeted business functions

Executive Search

Data & Research driven Hiring for maximum talent coverage- a detailed Research based approach to Search

Diversity Inclusion

Focus driven mapping research to unlock the power & potential of all talent; to achieve specific diversity goals

Mapping Board Search

Specialized time bound targeted mapping service- a research based approach to Board Search and Selection

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