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‘insiders’ is a 100% Bespoke Recruitment Research firm with a global reach focused on C-Suite leadership talent mapping, pipelining and intelligence. With our real-time insight, we guide and advise our clients on the best leadership talent pool available; even before their real recruitment process commences. Over the years, with our continuous & stupendous execution; we have developed a structured talent mapping, research & intelligence service, that enables our clients to choose their unicorn from realistic leadership talent pools available - even the highly desirable or scarcely-reached talent - by traditional head-hunters. Our innovative approach keeps us plugged into the current talent pool; by which we develop a strong Pipeline and Leadership Inventory for our prestigious clients.


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At "insiders", we continuously map Leadership talent in companies and sectors; by identifying organizational structures, reporting lines, names and job titles, key information about individuals' experience, skills, education and contact details. With this information, we advise/guide businesses on where the most relevant and interested talent lies; in advance of recruitment activity. Our on-going Head Hunting & Mapping process enables an organization to have a fluent pipeline and stock of Potential Leadership hires.

With our globally-benchmarked leadership talent mapping and intelligence service, clients benefit from lower turnaround time and costs. Our talent search and mapping enables our clients to hire leadership talent that is a precise fit for their respective organizations. From our office in Mumbai, we have provided our C-suite talent research services to diverse clients; across multiple industry verticals and locations.


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How does one identify and recruit its Unicorn leadership? How does one reach the highly desirable or the scarcely reached talents? As businesses go even more global, organizations that want to hire the best leadership have to search from a wider talent pool. This is not easy; the process is frequently long drawn and consuming leadership time and resources; with no guarantee that the right choice has been made. Is there a scientific way to approach talent search? In a data-driven world, is there a process to achieve this? In today’s VUCA world, we have a strong tenet that the key to effective leadership hiring is in effective Talent mapping.

Linear & Agile Research Approach

Linear & Agile
Research Approach

Flexible & Scalable delivery model

Flexible & Scalable
delivery model

A lot is at stake when a company begins hiring/searching for its C-Suite: making successful hires can only be assured if an organization is able to cover the maximum talent landscape. Executive hiring is not only a crucial process for any organization; but also very time-consuming and costly for both Corporate Organizations and reputed Executive Search firms. Hence we developed a specialized Head Hunting & Talent Mapping service; which can be used as a strategic tool; to not only have a ready Potential Talent pool, but also drastically reduce the Turn-Around-Time (TAT) and cost.

At insiders, we use structured talent mapping data; to enable an organization to make critical leadership hiring decisions - decisions that are aligned to their business needs and objectives. Our talent mapping service redefines the value curve of your search-based recruitment and offers a reliable, comprehensive and refined talent pool; to suit your organization’s needs. With our scientific and technology-based approach to talent data and insights in executive mapping that we have honed, we help you choose the leadership talent the organization deserves, in a cost-effective manner.

Tap the Untapped

Tap the Untapped

Get a Value Leap with increased coverage and reduced TAT & Cost

Leverage real time data to access hiring trends & insights that is beyond conventional recruitment methods- which not only makes your hiring decisions proactive but drastically reduces cost & time by 50%+

How We Help Your Business

Hiring for an organization’s C-suite and leadership in today’s Internetization world is a daunting task. As business globalizes, leadership pools are spread across several geographies and industry verticals - today’s talent landscape has changed beyond recognition. Moreover, organizations are increasingly hiring leadership with cross-domain talent that can enable them to better understand global business dynamics.

Reduce Cost &
Time by 50%+

Direct Contact
Details (C-Level)

We do the groundwork for you even before you begin the search for leadership talent. At "insiders” we strongly believe that Recruitment Research is the most comprehensive tool for identifying and attracting high quality talent to your business. It’s the most Innovative and Highly Cost-effective alternative; since you don't pay out high percentage fees at increased salary levels.

Our globally-benchmarked Head hunting and Talent Mapping service, backed by research and intelligence; helps you filter your choices for leadership recruitment. So, your chances of hiring the best talent to lead the organization are assured. At insiders, our structured process enables you to hire the best leadership talent in the least possible time. So, your organization experiences no downtime; ensuring leadership and business continuity, even succession planning.

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“insiders" is a true alternative to Recruitment Consultants charging high % fee; our innovative solutions not only reduces your Executive Hiring cost by almost 60% but also keeps you plugged with the fresh talent pool to build your future Management Board

Large Corporate

Team "insiders" with decades experience in International Executive Search understand what it takes to be an "Executive Search Firm" of choice hence we offer blend of confidential and bespoke research services to our Executive Search clients across sectors & geographies

Executive Search

#1 challenge faced by Start-up’s is to attract Talent at Executive Level hence whether you are a Start-up scaling up with Series funding or an MNC entering a new country/region safeguard your business interest by real insight of Talent availability even before real Headhunting

Emerging Corporates